Better than the Heineken Cup?

Sport News 24/7 By David de Winter – Sports Editor @davidjdewinter @TLE_Sport This weekend marks the début of the new European Rugby Champions Cup.  After intense negotiations the now-defunct Heineken Cup was panned and a new, improved version was approved.  Not much has changed; there are now only 20 teams...
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Why do I still love QPR?

Sport News 24/7 By Richard de Winter @TLE_Sport @rgdewinter As a football fan, one of the things you’ve got to be prepared for is disappointment. This may take the form of an underwhelming signing, a limp performance against hated rivals; it may take the form of an unfortunate defeat in...
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The Kevin Pietersen Saga

Sport News 24/7 By David de Winter – Sports Editor @davidjdewinter @TLE_Sport The fallout from Kevin Pietersen’s imminent autobiography is unlike anything I have previously experienced. The absolute childishness and pettiness of ex-England cricketer Pietersen, the ECB, Graeme Swann and other players connected to the controversy is staggering. Accusations, name-calling,...
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Sports Podcast – 4

Sport News 24/7 This week, Sport Editor David de Winter and Sport Columnist Richard de Winter review Europe’s Ryder Cup victory, Liverpool and Manchester City’s performances in the Champions League, and discuss England’s qualifiers against San Marino and Estonia.