About The London Economic

The London Economic is a digital newspaper with a metropolitan mindset, supporting liberal, progressive, pro-European and pro-business viewpoints.

We advocate kinder, more compassionate politics, and aim to counter the spread of far-right rhetoric dominating the mainstream media. 

In 2017 TLE was among the most shared publications in Britain with the most read news story of that year’s General Election.

We are run largely by a volunteer team of journalists and contributors who espouse our values as a news organisation.

Our History

The London Economic was founded in 2013 by Jack Peat and Joe Mellor as a blog sharing platform for likeminded journalists and bloggers. 

After growing the number of contributors, readership and social media reach in the early years, the publication branched out to include property, food, sport, film, music, travel and lifestyle pages, which are edited on a voluntary basis by a team of sub-editors.

Today the newspaper is run by a small, core team of writers, with the foundations of a fully-fledged digital publication with a sizeable reach.

We support investigative journalism, which is in alarming decline, using voluntary donations from readers.

Our Beliefs

We believe that far-right rhetoric has come to dominate much of the mainstream press and that the concentration of ownership among a select group of wealthy individuals is a detriment to the role of a free press in a modern democracy. 

As a London newspaper catering for a genuine London mindset we take a pessimistic view of the Brexit process and the impact it is likely to have on the country.

We take a pro-business stance and support the sort of entrepreneurism that London does so well to foster, and we adopt an inclusive and welcoming rhetoric as well as supporting minorities and under-represented parts of society.

With inequality never far away we also tackle the big issues facing inner-city life, unreservedly and unapologetically. We work to give a voice to those who are becoming increasingly marginalised elsewhere.

For more information about the type of journalism you can expect from The London Economic, read TLE Editor Jack Peat’s 5 year round-up here: https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/opinion/five-years-of-the-london-economic/23/08/.


The London Economic prides itself on transparency, openness and accessibility.

The London Economic often reports on breaking news stories or complex unfolding situations. We do our utmost to ensure all information is accurate and verified. In breaking news our reports can sometimes change as new information comes forward. In other cases, new information can come forward after publication. Following advice from NewsGuard, who aim to restore trust in journalism, all corrections will be marked at the end of each article. This helps to inform the reader about how the information was changed. Depending on the situation this may be called a correction, update or editor’s note.


The London Economic Newspaper Ltd is owned and operated by: 

Jack Peat – Director: Jack is a trained independent journalist specialising in digital publishing.

Joe Mellor – Director: Joe is a trained independent journalist and former editor of online press agency Talk to the Press.

Greencastle TLE Limited – Director: David Sefton and Paul O’Donohoe. Greencastle is a subsidiary of Linton Capital LLP.

The London Economic directors maintain editorial control of all content.

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