Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Ben is a freelance writer and journalist who is a regular contributor on multiple national news websites and blogs.

The Impact of the Fashion Industry on the Global Environment

Gender norms are changing around the world, and more people are interested in wearing gender-neutral clothing each year. In addition to their advanced views on gender expression, people are becoming more concerned with the environment than previous generations. Riley Uggla Discusses the Impact of the Fashion Industry on the Global...

Cheapest Places to Live in London 2021

London might be one of the best places to live in the UK, but it certainly is not one of the cheapest. Living in the capital city has its charms, but they come at a high price. However, not all areas in London are expensive when it comes to accommodation.

Biden Administration Must Take Bitcoin Regulation Seriously

In a few months, President-elect Joe Biden and his team will move into the White House. They will need to grapple with a public health crisis and a struggling economy. While there are some signs of improving commercial activity, the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases across the nation puts economic...

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