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Seitan Recipe nclm, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How To Make: Seitan

Prized for its texture and versatility, seitan is a vegan meat alternative made using wheat flour washed until the starch granules have been removed.

5 Valentine’s Day London hotel deals

Valentine’s Day can be a high-pressured affair - but you've won before you've begun when you can plan a special night out. From magic meals to overnight escapes, here are our tips for a chic way to celebrate cupid’s arrow in London’s finest hotels. Animal-lovers rejoice with a 5-course vegan ...

Nine unexpected discoveries on a yoga retreat

Mentor Tashi kissed by sunset in the shala, built in the mountains of Amieira, Oleiros.     © Gareth Iwan Jones Where did I go? Vale De Moses, Portugal 1. My favourite yoga class involved no yoga. I am the most competitive yogi in the room. ...

Vegans chalk about a revolution

Ziggy the Piggy, North Carolina North Carolina, USA Sales of chalk will have hit new highs this weekend as thousands of vegans across the globe joined together in a collective ‘chalktivism’ event - a worldwide effort to help spread and celebrate the ...