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Summer staycations with a difference

Going on a summer holiday doesn’t have to mean airports, security checks and the stress of trying not to forget your passport. The UK staycation is becoming more and more popular with families and couples alike, and if our summer continues the way it is, then there really is no...

Next time someone says ‘Money Tree’ send them this

Austerity was based on a Fairytale about Money

Emeritus Professor Mary Mellor debunks the myths behind austerity... Austerity - the culling of public services in response to the spike in public spending following the 2007-8 financial crisis - caused widespread hardship. It reflected two myths: that the market is the sole source of funding for public spending and...

A guide to the lesser-known Cornwall

A guide to the lesser-known Cornwall

by Tom Bevan With another two bank holidays on the horizon and budgets tightening, the concept of the 'staycation' has never seemed so appealing. And top of many destination wishlists this summer is Cornwall. But while tourism hotspots like St Ives can become bottlenecked during school holidays, there are still...

Thousands of kids are having naked selfies posted online every DAY

The UK “Porn Ban” – what do you need to know?

While the Internet undoubtedly offers innumerable benefits to our society, it also has the potential to cause huge issues. Key amongst these is the possibility of minors stumbling across material – such as pornography – which studies show can be damaging to young people’s mental health. The NSPCC, for example, recently cited widespread...

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