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Jeremy Kyle dubbed a lazy jobless layabout after falling on hard times

Jeremy Kyle has been lambasted for being a lazy, jobless layabout after his popular daytime TV show was axed by ITV. Out-of-work Kyle was spotted louting about town in a hoodie looking dishevelled yesterday. Rumours that he has signed on for benefits has spurred anger amongst his loyal audience who have called him a disgusting sponger and a disgraceful excuse for a human being. "PUT SOMETHING ON THE END OF IT", one shouted after finding out he is the father...

Trump’s state visit to UK confirmed…Twitter reacts

Donald Trump's state visit to the UK has been confirmed for the start of June. The Queen will be hosting the Trumps and they will also be holding meetings with the PM (Your guess is as good as mine, who that will be). Meeting the Queen, a procession down The Mall, and a banquet for 150 people - BBC's @JonnyDymond explains what will happen on Donald Trump's state visit to the UK in June — BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) April...

Funniest Tweets after it was revealed Stonehenge builders were “Turkish”

Stonehenge is more British than fish and chips, Cornish pasties and queuing in military fashion. However, science has (once again) proved otherwise. Researchers have found that DNA tests carried out on the workers who built the structure were in fact from Turkey (or what is now Turkey). So the builders were immigrants, and Twitter had some comments on the matter… DNA shows migrants who arrived in Britain around 6,000 years ago constructed the world's most famous prehistoric monument —...

The rise of the right – Jonathan Pie

Jonathan Pie isn't happy, again, with the state of UK politics. This time he wonders out loud (in the way only he can) if there are Nazis in the House of Commons. Pie ends up DEFENDING the Tories after David Lammy’s recent comments, comparing some Conservatives to Nazis. In another famous rant, Pie says: “Boris Johnson is an opportunist prick, with no moral backbone, his spine is made of spiteful gelatine, he is not to be trusted, but I am...

Theresa May issues reassuring video on Brexit: and it immediately became the stuff of parody

WIth her own party plotting to oust her if there is a lengthy delay to Brexit, though it has proved impossible to deliver a Brexit that delivers anything like its promises with another deadline looming, Theresa May issued a reassuring video. "Let me explain what is happening with Brexit," the Prime Minister said in an informal, chatty, video, shot shaky camera style, with her leaning on the arm of her as casually, propped up with a cushion as if any...

Best mate suddenly expert on foreign trade deals

Normal people up and down the country are noticing that friends and family members have suddenly become experts on trade-deals with emerging nations, it was revealed today. Despite previous interest being refined to civil servants working in the corridors of Whitehall, it appears that people throughout the UK are now authorities on international trade deals and treaties, despite having no formal background in the subject. A poll conducted today reveals that many people are expressing the surprising view that the...

(I’m Gonna Tell) 500 Lies – Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party manifesto anthem

The team at have done it again with another hilarious spoof video, this time to "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers. You can watch their last video "Theresa May and Jacob Rees-Mogg step into the roles of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg for a special Brexit broadcast" by clicking here. If you’re still undecided about Brexit and his new political party, here’s Nigel Farage with 500 Lies...(SEE VIDEO BELOW) Watch Video Here  

Brexit: What the f**K is going on?

After the Goverment rejected 5.8million signatures to revoke Article 50, this might be the video for you. VERY angry comedian Jonathan Pie has probably made his best video yet. Not one MP is let off with the total shambles that is Brexit. Expect swear words and abusive language, as he gets pushed ever closer to the edge, along with everyone else in the UK. Watch Video Here 

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