Untamable: An Interview with Self-Help Author Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab

Growing up in Canada within a strictly traditional Lebanese family, Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab was denied a university education, because culturally it was believed that women should not have such ambitions but, instead, be content with being housewives. Despite this, she set out to succeed and overcome both xenophobia and institutional sexism to carve out a celebrated career in management. Now based in Lebanon, she is recognised as an inspirational leader as well as a gender-diversity leader who serves as...

‘Temporarily Insane’ by Carl Borgen

Must-read memoir Temporarily Insane by Carl Borgen documents the incredible real-life story of a group of hippies and their decades-long search to discover the hidden knowledge of a fabled civilisation said to be buried beneath the North Pole.

Chasing a Dream: An interview with Horror Author Guenther Primig

In 2019, acclaimed author and screenwriter Guenther Primig published the first in a series of anthologies that artfully combined the best of classic and contemporary horror. The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna: Six Dreams of the Supernatural wrapped its bone-chilling, atmosphere-drenched tales of terror within a wider narrative arc about a young witch’s attempts to escape a deeply-troubled past and become a force for good. The book became an instant bestseller as horror fans queued up to join the cult...

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