Tip of the Iceberg: An Interview with ‘Iceland’s Secret’ Author Jared Bibler

The Icelandic financial crisis of 2008 may, at first glance, seem just to be a footnote in the wider context of the 2007-9 global financial crisis and subsequent Great Recession, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As revelatory new book Iceland’s Secret: The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Con proves, this is the story of our times. Written by a true insider—the man who headed the forensic investigation into the collapse of Iceland’s three largest national banks,...

Must-Read of the Week: ‘Janus’ by John Buchanan-Nicol

Coercive, controlling relationships are common, but a memoir about such experiences told from a man’s perspective is very rare. Coercive relationship survivor John Buchan-Nicol, who writes under a pseudonym, has taken the brave step of sharing his tragic ordeals in new memoir Janus, offering a fascinating read packed with fresh insights into the nature of toxic relationships, the harm they cause, and the psychological roots that can underpin a need to seek out the wrong partner. In this exclusive article,...

‘Impetus – No Cover Up’ By Lena Shah

Timely and empowering new book "Impetus - No cover up" by British-Asian author, yoga instructor and mindfulness coach Lena Shah provides essential comfort food for the soul and for all those struggling with rejection, identity and finding an authentic place in the world. By Gwyneth Rees

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