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The Dream Murderer Cycle by Paul Taffinder

The Dream Murderer Cycle sees respected psychologist and bestselling business author Dr Paul Taffinder enter the arena of science fantasy fiction, armed with an epic trilogy that presents a world as fully realised externally as internally within the complex minds of its characters. Driven by an anti-hero protagonist’s quest to rescue civilisation from a post-apocalyptic Dark Ages, this is a bold, ambitious story of future history driven by timeless human truths.

Is The Holy Grail Hidden In The Works Of William Shakespeare?

According to new research, the elusive Holy Grail may have finally been discovered … encoded within the plays of William Shakespeare. Indeed, one of hundreds of subtle references the Bard seemingly makes to the Holy Grail could be the ‘Poisoned Chalice’ prophesied by Macbeth to bring about his ultimate downfall.

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