Extraterrestrial Life Lessons: Meet Spacekid Ilk Author Andrew Hammond

As a child, illustrator Andrew Hammond sometimes felt like an outsider among his peers for not enjoying reading. He struggled to digest the words on the page, wanting to visualise every moment as he read. It was only later that he really discovered the magical universe that reading can open up. Now, he is creating books which he hopes will unlock the joy of reading for a new generation. His illustrated sci-fi and fantasy adventure series, Spacekid iLK, combines mirth...

Light in The Shadows: My book on How I Came to see Epilepsy as a Blessing

James Bailey is only 27 years old but, in that time, has suffered nearly half a million epileptic seizures. Yet, as he reveals in his new memoir, Light in the Shadows: A Life of Epilepsy, he sees his chronic epilepsy as a blessing, not a curse. In this exclusive article, James explains why he came to think this way, and how he now intends to help others do the same.

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