Is The Holy Grail Hidden In The Works Of William Shakespeare?

According to new research, the elusive Holy Grail may have finally been discovered … encoded within the plays of William Shakespeare. Indeed, one of hundreds of subtle references the Bard seemingly makes to the Holy Grail could be the ‘Poisoned Chalice’ prophesied by Macbeth to bring about his ultimate downfall.

Biblical Texts: A Lesson in Inconsistency And Amorality For Our Children

American philosopher Noam Chomsky once said of Christianity’s holy book that “The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history”. It’s a truth that can’t be disputed, as anyone with a familiarity with scripture will instantly attest. Yet while we shield children from violent films or computer games, we actively encourage them to read the Bible, and other holy books, with their 18-plus stories of murder, rape and incest. This, combined with the fact that scripture is sometimes...

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