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Sardine Bouillabaisse

How To Make: Bouillabaisse

This is the Grande Dame of fish stews. It’s a riot of many fish, shellfish, ripe tomatoes, wild fennel and saffron, served in two parts. First comes the rich broth, with croutons and rouille, the spicy, garlicky, saffron-spiked mayonnaise, then the fish and potatoes cooked in the stock.

Feast Box Durban Mutton Curry

How To Make: Durban Mutton Curry

Durban, South Africa is the most Indian city outside of India by population, its local spin on curry famous in its own right for rich, meaty tomato sauces with extra chilli.


How To Make… Lasagnacini

While some chefs’ signature dishes are unsightly culinary car-crashes, others are actually quite enjoyable. Jacob Kenedy’s (owner of Bocca di Lupo, Gelupo and VICO) signature - ‘lasagnacini’, for instance, is a playful hybrid between two Italian classics: lasagna and arancini – deep-fried risotto balls. Available at VICO in Soho, which ...