TLE Recipes

TLE Recipes

Koko Kanu - Koko Kolada Piña Colada

Cocktail Recipe: Koko Kolada

The national drink of Puerto Rico, few classic cocktails epitomise summer quite as flamboyantly as the Piña Colada. Synonymous with tropical excursions and poolside bars the world over, the sweet, fruity cocktail has become a holiday staple; thus ideal for the final glimmers of exultant sunshine, as the long, hot...

Sardine Bouillabaisse

How To Make: Bouillabaisse

This is the Grande Dame of fish stews. It’s a riot of many fish, shellfish, ripe tomatoes, wild fennel and saffron, served in two parts. First comes the rich broth, with croutons and rouille, the spicy, garlicky, saffron-spiked mayonnaise, then the fish and potatoes cooked in the stock.


How To Make: Tuna & Salmon Poke

A raw fish dish that’s hugely popular in Hawaiian cuisine, Poke (pronounced “poe-kay”) is also becoming increasingly popular in the UK, particularly in London.


How To Make: Desi Chicken Curry

Traditionally, the dish is made with the Desi chickens native to India, which are free-range and generally expensive in comparison to more standard broiler chickens.

How To Make: Baba Ghanoush

How To Make: Baba Ghanoush

This dip is especially delicious with roast or barbecued lamb. If you are having a barbecue, cook the eggplants before the meat; that way, you can complete the dip by the time the meat is cooked.

How To Make The Perfect... Fish Pie

How To Make: Fish Pie

Infused with sorrel and petit pois, using hake, sea trout, prawns and brown shrimp and topped with golden mashed potato; here’s a simple step by step guide to recreate the dish at home.


How To Make: Fish Paturi

Calcutta Street brings a Bengali home dining experience to London. The first permanent space from Shrimoyee Chakraborty, Calcutta Street follows a string of successful pop-ups. Here, the chef’s recipes have been passed from mother to daughter for generations and are generally family recipes, albeit made with some of the best...

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