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How to host a vegan Christmas

Supermarket bosses warn October Brexit could hit Christmas shoppers

Bosses of the UK’s three biggest supermarkets have warned the next prime minister that setting up a potential no-deal Brexit for the end of October could hit shoppers’ Christmas celebrations. Chief executives from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda, which account for more than half of all food sales in the country, ...

What would a no-deal Brexit mean?

What would a no-deal Brexit mean?

Britain is currently scheduled to leave the European Union on October 31. The date is a contentious issue between the Tory leadership candidates, with Boris Johnson stating he will get the UK out of the EU on Halloween “come what may”. Johnson claimed the chances of a no-deal Brexit happening ...

Jeremy Hunt loves “intimate” lambada dancing

Jeremy Hunt loves “intimate” lambada dancing

Jeremy Hunt has spoken of his love of lambada dancing in the latest insight into the pastimes of the Tory leadership contenders. The Foreign Secretary said it was “quite an intimate dance” and the music “brings back some happy memories”. His comments came after Boris Johnson revealed a passion for ...

Banks in Britain revive preparations for no-deal Brexit

Banks in Britain revive preparations for no-deal Brexit

Banks in Britain are showing signs of restarting preparations for a no-deal Brexit after a lull in the shift of financial services jobs and capital from Britain to the European Union in the past few months, consultants EY said on Wednesday. EY's Brexit Tracker of public announcements from 222 of ...

Pro-Europeans to hold rally against Brexit in London on July 20

New Look losses mount as Brexit and weather keep shoppers away

British fashion chain New Look reported a bigger annual pretax loss, hurt by a large charge, while Brexit woes and rainy weather kept shoppers out of its stores. New Look, owned by South African investment firm Brait, reported statutory loss before tax of 522.2 million pounds for the year ended ...

New poll puts Rory Stewart ahead of Boris Johnson as public’s choice for PM

Tories wave goodbye to the last honest candidate on the roster

The Conservative’s waved goodbye to Rory Stewart last night, and with it, any hope of realism being part of the Brexit negotiations. The remaining candidates now occupy ground known colloquially as Cloud Cuckoo Land, a state of absurdly unrealistic ideals where people are prone to unsettling visions of grandeur. Jeremy ...

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