Timothy Arden

Timothy Arden


Reinventing Democracy by David Kauders

If the state of the UK, and the political landscape, makes you despair then Reinventing Democracy: Improving British political governance by David Kauders will restore a sense of hope and taste for change.

Elixir by Phil Cleary

Elixir by debut author Phil Cleary is a brilliantly executed and intelligent political thriller where the discovery of a life-extending drug could prove fatal for all those involved.

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Death of a Union by Andrew Wood

Death of a Union by Andrew Wood is a gripping geopolitical thriller that brilliantly connects the bloody miners’ strike of 1984 with seismic shocks to the nation 40 years later.

Author Russell Govan.

I Know You by Russell Govan

I Know You by novelist Russell Govan is an intricate and powerful story of love, loyalty, and loss told across time that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

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