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Theatre Review: Nuclear War, Royal Court

It breathes many breaths, beats as one heart. Maureen Beattie as the woman appears to be a woman lost. Lost in the circles of people who swirl around her like personified nuclei, lost in her own nuclear reactor and the forces of life it connects her to, but which she...

Why it’s kicking off everywhere

As UK theatres fret over how to respond to the increasing national and global crises that are hitting or emerging from our shores in wave after wave of tsunami like proportions: Brexit, Syria, the refugee crisis, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Belarus, the Greek meltdown, Egypt, Spain, the Occupy movement, Trump, Brexit,...

My Country, a work in progress- National Theatre

There’s an air of expectancy in the National Theatre's Dorfman, a buzz back grounded by nervous laughter. No wonder, this is the NT’s response to leaving the EU and they have made a verbatim play taken from hundreds of interviews from people of all ages and backgrounds from the UK...

Review: Hamlet- Almeida Theatre

Andrew Scott is a lean and yet crumpled waif of a Hamlet who looks like he buys his clothes from Zara. Appearances are deceptive and helpless innocence isn’t everything though. As he waits as Angus Wright’s Claudius ignores his nephew in favour of Luke Thompson’s more buoyant Laertes he becomes...

Ugly Lies the Bone by Lindsey Ferrentino at the National Theatre. Director Indhu Rubasingham

Kate Fleetwood
Ralf Little
Olivia Darnley
Kris Marshall
Buffy Davis

Theatre Review: Ugly Lies the Bone, National Theatre

The safety curtains part the stage like an eyelid. A spotlight flicks on and a woman, barely recognisable from her face or from her tight bandage wrapped body, stands awkwardly and unevenly, gripping her support frame for all she is worth. A voice (Buffy Davis), like the computerised Siri, takes...

Theatre Review: Roundelay, Southwark Playhouse

This take on Arthur Schnitzler’s sexual debacle La Ronde is a welcome venture into the sex, love and death lives of the older generation by Visible, but ultimately feels less than the sum of its parts. The seven vignettes, where each character’s story is pushed forward into the next scene...

Young Vic production of
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins

Theatre Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Young Vic

This Dream is a bit of surprise- silent weavings of the spirit (or fairies) explode at the end of director Joe Hill-Gibbins' interpretation to give us something in the epilogue that is both nightmarish and joyful and brings new meanings to the play’s normal tranquil self. To this end it...

Theatre Review: The Cherry Orchard, Arcola Theatre

A tall narrow bookcase dominates Iona McLeish’s set design on director Mehmet Ergen’s stage. It’s never ending length, reaching to the stars, and with a cherry tree exploding up and ripping through its belly, is a metaphor for Mme Ranevsky’s pipe dream that somehow her family estate will be saved...

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