Verity Healey

Verity Healey

Writes about theatre for TLE, Exeunt, Howlround + Belarus Free Theatre's Ministry of Counterculture.

Film maker. Follow me @verityrhealey

Living With The Lights On

It’s not possible for the audience to hide in the darkness in the Young Vic’s Maria Studio because there isn’t any. Throughout the show the lights remain on and the audience can see every bead of sweat, every grimace, cutting smile and flick of the eye in Mark Lockyer’s physiognomy...

Our Short Film About Being Genderqueer

Just as I was finalising our Kickstarter Campaign for BURN, my team’s short film about a genderqueer woman struggling with her bisexual partner and her Trinidadian father, Sita Balani published “Is it time to say goodbye to the non-binary in gender?” in Open Democracy. After reading it, to say that...

The Unmarried: Review

It’s ironic that The Unmarried, where “gig meets theatre” by Lauren Gauge, part of Camden People’s Theatre’s All the Right Notes, starts off with a rendition of The Rhythm of Life by Beatbox Academy artists Kate and Nate because it is precisely that that Gauge’s character Luna is running from....

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