Sam Lewis-Hargreave

Sam Lewis-Hargreave

Sam Lewis-Hargreave is a myth-busting zeitgeist chaser and part-time polemicist with a background as a freelance humourist and journalist. Follow @samlhargreave for witty insights!

Scandal: A third of British workers have had a relationship with a colleague

How Wasteful Is Your Workplace?

The world has a waste problem. The amount we throw away, both at home and in the office, far exceeds what is sustainable. Yet, rather than taking significant steps to reduce it, global waste looks set to triple by 2100. Having just endured the hottest year on record, it should...

london office buildings

How will London offices fare in 2017’s property market?

We were presented with several forecasts for the future of the UK economy in 2016, all differing slightly in their optimism. There were the gloomy predictions of the Remain campaigners—which led to George Osborne’s infamous ‘punishment budget’, and there were the more cheerful predictions from the Brexitiers. As it turned...

How small businesses can learn from the online craft revolution

How small businesses can learn from the online craft revolution

There’s no doubting the massive growth of online craft sites like Etsy and Threadless. Developed in 2005 as an online marketplace for co-founder Rob Kalin’s unique wood-encased computers, Etsy is the leading community forum for artisan crafters, and registered thousands of sellers within months. It now rivals the likes of...

Is Art Our Last Hope For A Liberal Future?

Is Art Our Last Hope For A Liberal Future?

If you go to the Horror section of your local bookstore today, you won’t find books by Stephen King, Mary Shelley or HP Lovecraft; instead, you’ll find a stack of newspapers from the past couple of years. Okay, that’s not quite true—let’s just call it an alternative fact—but it may...

Tiny detached home goes on the market for a whopping £600k

What Can Sadiq Khan Do To Solve London’s Vacant Property Crisis?

During his successful campaign to become the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan promised to make London’s housing crisis his “single, biggest priority.” In fact, Khan said in his manifesto that “it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to business leaders, local residents, charities or community groups: far and away the biggest...

Is pairing wine and food all it’s cracked up to be?

Wine has long been seen as the stuff of connoisseurs, a beverage which comes with its own arcane mythology, only slurped and understood by an insufferable few. Films like Sideways and Somm have only served to deepen the mystery around the hallowed grape, and most sensible-thinking people are put off...