Dan Harding

Dan Harding

Daniel is broadcast editor at Talk to the Press and creative advisor at SWNS. With a background in magazine journalism and publicity, Daniel has worked for a press agency for over five years.

Working on large scale publicity campaigns, Daniel has worked on positive brand exposure for the likes of L’Oréal, ITV, Toni and Guy to name a few, before turning his concentration to real life people and their stories.

Daniel now regularly contributes his stories to the national press, magazines and on daytime TV shows like This Morning. Pouring heart and soul into each story, Daniel carries out each one with detail and passion.

When he isn’t tapping away at his keyboard furiously or making a lemon water, Daniel likes to talk… all the time!

Are You Well?

Wellmania is a comedy worth tweeting and snorting with laughter for, but you also can’t help but look internally and ask yourself a question… Am I Ok?

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