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Next time someone says ‘Money Tree’ send them this

Austerity was based on a Fairytale about Money

Emeritus Professor Mary Mellor debunks the myths behind austerity... Austerity - the culling of public services in response to the spike in public spending following the 2007-8 financial crisis - caused widespread hardship. It reflected two myths: that the market is the sole source of funding for public spending and ...

New-ish photos of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn to back second Brexit referendum

 British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will back a move on Wednesday for the Labour Party to change its Brexit policy and support a second referendum in all circumstances, The Times reported, citing a senior Labour source. A paper by Corbyn's head of policy, Andrew Fisher, recommends that Labour support a ...

Rory Stewart steals the show as Boris ducks the cameras

Rory Stewart steals the show as Boris ducks the cameras

Rory Stewart stole the first TV debate between Conservative leadership contestants last night with straight-talking views on Brexit. The MP for Penrith and The Border received a warm response for hitting back at suggestions that a no deal should be kept on the negotiating table, pointing out that parliament is ...

HEADING HOME – Boris Johnson arrives home.

Remember, remember he’ll fall in November

The prospect of Boris Johnson running the country looks like an all too inevitable possibility following the first round of votes cast yesterday. Bookies now price Johnson at 1/5 to win the leadership race after he scooped 114 votes out of a potential 313, with Jeremy Hunt (43 votes), Michael ...

Car industry hits ‘red alert’ as investment drops by £2bn in three years

Car manufacturing sees biggest drop since records began

Car manufacturing slumped by a massive 24 per cent in April as summer shutdowns were brought forward. New figures revealed the biggest drop in car manufacturing since records began as factory shutdowns took their toll on the industry. Several brought forward or extended shutdowns that normally take place in the ...

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