Trader blames Brexit for soaring price of fish – but BBC edits it out

An icon was born in Manchester yesterday after a fish trader sarcastically dismissed the impact of Brexit on her business.

New admin fees and customs charges on products to the UK from Europe have massively disrupted the industry post-Brexit, with the price of fish going through the roof as a result.

One trader in Manchester said the price of a container of bass or bream has gone from around £3,000 pre-Brexit to £14,000 now.

The clip has since gone viral on social media, with Alastair Campbell saying the shift in price is being “called out by those paying the price, but not by the politicians who are supposedly there to serve the public interest.”

But according to eagle-eyed social media users, when the clip aired on BBC later that evening any mention of Brexit had been edited out.

Instead, the news channel decided to use a different clip altogether, one that simply blamed “import costs” and inflationary pressure on petrol and diesel prices.

Watch the two clips below:

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Jack Peat

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