Top 3 Crypto Project Launches to Keep Your Eyes on This Month

There is no shortage of exciting projects to explore in the high-octane crypto world. A simple search can be the start of a deep rabbit hole for a curious user. Notably, there are exciting innovations, especially in DeFi, as fourth-generation low-fee, high throughput blockchains like Velas and Cardano gain traction and strike valuable partnerships. Interestingly, developers are also unperturbed by correcting crypto prices. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are down roughly 50 percent from their 2021 peaks. Instead, they continue to...

Less time on data gathering, more time on employing it

Oxylabs Scraper APIs are simplifying public web data collection. Companies that depend on external data in their daily operations are constantly looking for ways to optimize their public web data gathering processes. Every minute saved counts - this is time that could be spent analyzing data instead of acquiring it. For this reason, outsourced tools that focus on specific challenges of an industry are getting increasingly popular. By taking full care of getting the data, they leave more time on...

How to Sustain Your Energy and Enthusiasm as a Leader

We talk a lot about employee burnout and disengagement - and for good reason. It's important for leaders to motivate their teams and to keep them excited about their work and the direction of the company. But all the while, we need to remember that leadership motivation and passion is equally important  - after all, if a leader is apathetic about their work and their company, why should their employees care? 

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