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6 Ways Smart Cards Benefit Schools

ID cards have become ubiquitous in UK schools over the last five years and are now worn by staff, students and visitors. However, what benefits could a school have if those cards were more than just a piece of plastic with a name and photo printed on to them? What if they replaced simple ID cards with smart cards? Innovative smart card technology is providing schools with a wide range of benefits, from reduced workloads to more robust safeguarding. Here...

6 Advantages of Using Smart Cards in Education

Throughout the UK education system, smart card technology is providing schools, colleges and universities with a wide range of innovative solutions. The benefits it brings include reduced staff workloads, increased security and improvements to services. Here are six of the main advantages smart cards are delivering. Robust ID verification The carrying of visual identification by staff and students is now commonplace throughout the UK education system, enabling everyone to know the identity and role of the people they come across....

Summer Schools: Why Give up Your Holiday?

Often the first reaction to the idea of a summer school is negative, to say the least, why would you want to give up your summer holidays to study more especially when you have just completed a tough year at school? There are actually more benefits than you might realise and as Tom Whale from Oxford Summer School explains, the positives far outweigh the negatives when you break it down. Get Ahead of the Competition If you have a specific...

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