Keith Ayago

Keith Ayago

Movers Who Care, Introducing International Van Lines, Inc

No aspect of life goes without organization. This is the key to make things flow seamlessly. Similarly, this is also an important factor while moving. If things are not managed and organized from step one, people can expect the entire moving experience to go downhill. Helping people get through this...

The Five Entrepreneurial Rules I live by

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist Mathilde Vuillermoz, 33, founder and CEO of MV Worldwide, has made her fortune by following a strict set of personal and professional rules. In this exclusive article she shares her guiding principles to help tomorrow’s tycoons turn their business dreams into concrete realities. By Mathilde...

Coalescing Tech with Biology

Over time, several researchers and scientists have made remarkable inventions and innovations that have revolutionized traditional medical treatments. They have discovered techniques that made the lengthy medical processes less complicated and have brought immense relief to patients' lives.

Chance of a Lifetime: Introducing Author Navajo

With his debut novella, extraordinary experimental work of fiction Ironing, author Navajo has tried to depict everyday existence as it is actually lived: without any real rhyme or reason. As we learn, this element of chance has been fundamental to his life.

Writing is the best medicine

Now aged 78, Dr Bacchus has published three critically-acclaimed novels within the last 15 years, with the latest — gripping psychological thriller Curses of Cousins — just released.

How Poetry can bring people together

We all have the same needs, wants, doubts, and fears. Perhaps reading about all these things we’ve felt together will help us understand that we’re not as alone as we think we are, not even in our loneliness.

Why we should all learn Contract Law

Get to grips with English contract law, whatever you do for a living and whatever your circumstances. Not understanding the rules, can leave you open to unintended and (if matters go to court, expensive) consequences.

Christmas interior

3 top tips for last-minute Christmas shopping

There’s plenty to juggle during the festive season, so the least you can do is make sure your gifts definitely arrive before the 25th. Even if it means sacrificing a slightly better present for faster postage, it’ll be worth it.

How did London Become such a Tech Hub?

The UK has suffered from cynicism a lot more when compared to the US but at the end of the day, the economic growth has shown no sign of slowing down. For a lot of tech entrepreneurs, the industry has flourished

Vape firing on its own

MOD auto-firing is an abrupt and hazardous case for a vaper. Since a vaporizer generates heat and contains vape juice, the occurrence is dangerous for anyone if happens suddenly. Moreover, the incident can be hesitated for the victim to figure out the actual reason behind it. A vaper can rarely presume...

How to Identify an Investment Trust That is Right for You

An investment trust is a way of investing that carries lower risk than unit trusts and several other forms of stock market investing. However, while deciding whether or not to invest in a trust fund may be a straightforward decision, it can become more confusing when picking the right investment...


Blowing the Cover: What Type of People Become Spycops?

Author and human rights expert Neil MacDonald is doubtful that the public will ever fully come to understand the mindset of those that can lead a double life. As the next best thing, he has explored this important question in his debut novel, The Tears of Boabdil.

Best London-based Investments for 2021

London is still one of the best places to make an investment. Let’s take a look at some of the sectors you could choose now. London is still one of the major business and financial centres of the world. Every year, there are new and fantastic business opportunities entering the...

How to Make the Most of e-Learning

For a lot of students, note taking is a tedious activity that they would rather not bother with. For others, they might not be very good at note-taking or might simply need more help in doing so. In the past, your only source of support with your notes would be...

Daniel Spicer


Collecting vinyl records has exploded in popularity in recent years, but music journalist and author Daniel Spicer was ahead of the trend – launching a monthly column dedicated to hard-to-find or lost jazz classics in 2005. His ever-popular column in Jazzwise magazine ran for over a decade and it has...

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