Jess Young

Jess Young

Jess is a writer at the UK's largest independent press agency SWNS. She runs women's real-life magazine, as well as contributing articles and features to all of the major titles and digital publications.

Time to Raise the Bar: The Bittersweet Truth about Cocoa

With global sales expected to reach US$161billion by 2024, our appetite for chocolate has never been greater. But despite its sugar-coated success, the international cocoa industry remains dogged in controversy amid accusations of enforced child labour, slavery and deforestation. Here, in this exclusive article for The London Economic, the journalist,...

Anuranjita Kumar, author of Colour Matters?, is a respected HR professional and diversity equality campaigner. Picture copyright Anuranjita Kumar 2019

Colour Matters? The Truth That No One Wants To See

Author and diversity equality campaigner Anuranjita Kumar’s ambitious and insightful new book Colour Matters? reveals what it is like to be a person of colour in a racist world, and makes an impassioned rallying cry for forging a colourless future.

COP25: the climate protection mirage

With the COP25 dubbed “a climate summit to forget”, the pressure is piling on PM Boris Johnson to deliver tangible results if London wants to be seen as a global climate leader.

Premier League’s top 5 biggest rivalries

You’ve probably heard that the Manchester United vs. Arsenal game never lacks of drama, or the Liverpool vs. Manchester City game is lately a nail-biting contest on all fronts–but here are the five most intense rivalries in the English top-tier league of all time.

Why the Grassroots Shared Economy is the Future of Work

The world is shifting and changing rapidly, with everything from tech and leisure, to the way we shop, cook and listen to music evolving into a lifestyle almost unrecognisable to life even as little as a decade ago. The way we work is changing too, with demands for greater opportunity,...

Music for entrepreneurs

Everyone has days when nothing seems to flow and you struggle to get things done. One way of kick-starting any day, or creative process for that matter is by playing music.

Binance Launchpad is A Breeding Ground for Pump and Dumps

In swooped Binance, who are pros at manipulating the system for their benefit. The crypto-exchange platform, run by Changpeng Zhao, basically repackaged the Initial Coin Offering tool by swapping out the 'C' for an 'E', introducing the new and improved Initial Exchange Offering.

Source: Flickr, Billionaires Success, CC 2.0

James Richman: the rising superstar investor

James Richman, the wealthy fund manager for his fellow ultra high net worth (UHNWI), has been one of the fastest growing superstars in the finance industry. For someone relatively young, the reclusive investment tycoon is known to have  successfully steered his private investment firm to a decade-long streak of profit...

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