Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

Born and raised in Hackney. Served for 32 years in the Met. Worked extensively with the Asian community as Special Branch officer in the 80's and 90's during periods of high tension. Was presented with a ceremonial sword by the UK's largest Sikh temple shortly after retirement. About one-third of my service involved border controls in both the UK and Jamaica. Over an eight year period I spent a total of 18 months undertaking a series of deployments to Jamaica. Trustee of a small charity that enables some Jamaican children from the poorest backgrounds to remain in education.
Policing interests include football related violence, extremism, gang, knife, gun & drugs crime and borders. Hobbies are football DJ'ing & 'commenting' for various media outlets on policing/border issues.

Stop the coup protest

Are Brexit protests set to get uglier?

A growth before October the 31stof what can only be described as a ‘fevered atmosphere’ accompanied by the sort of emotions seen during the latter part of the afternoon, may well cause fractures that will take years to repair whatever the Brexit outcome.

Police ‘brutality’: A sense of perspective

UK policing is not perfect; genuine allegations of excessive use of force need to be investigated, but the simple fact is that our police service is the most restrained and compassionate in the world despite the huge pressures upon it.

Just who has blood on their hands?

It hasn’t been lost on despairing frontline police officers that it has taken the tragic, brutal death of a 17 year-old white girl to propel the issue of knife crime and its attendant issues into the headlines. It is those police officers who, on a daily basis, turn on their...

The scene in Camberwell where emergency services respond to a mass stabbing incident.  See National News story NNSTAB; A teenager who rushed to help a victim of a quadruple stabbing shouted “I’ll f*cking kill him” before police wrestled him into a van, a witness said. Shocked neighbours said two of the teenage victims had “their stomachs cut open”, leaving the ground covered in blood after the melee in Camberwell, south London. A photo shows one victim, a black teenager, surrounded by a huge crowd of police as he was treated by paramedics. At least one of the youths, said to have been knifed in the arm, had his wound wrapped with a t-shirt while paramedics rushed to the scene.

If the public supports the police more than ever, why can’t politicians?

Chris Hobbs is a former officer of the Metropolitan Police who served for 32 years including targeting gang crime on Operation Trident Since 2010, police have been constantly denigrated, criticised and abused by politicians, spearheaded by Theresa May, the national press and activists from both the right and the left. Especially prevalent in...

Demoralised UK Border Force face post-Brexit meltdown

Chris Hobbs is a retired Met police officer who worked extensively at border controls in both the UK and Jamaica. Government proposals that EU nationals and non-EU nationals will ‘be treated the same post-Brexit’ is being greeted with a mixture of hilarity and incredulity by UK Border Force officers. After...

Inside the Tommy Robinson protest: a retired cop’s worrying view

What I witnessed this weekend in London leaves us all facing important questions. Perhaps the most serious is, given the events of Saturday, whether the depleted police service could effectively cope with serious disorder on the scale of 2011’s riots. Another Robinson protest is planned for next month while there...

Police numbers and violent crime: An open letter to Amber Rudd

  Chris Hobbs is a former officer of the Metropolitan Police who served for 32 years   Well Home Secretary, you certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest with your carefully timed statement over the weekend that spiralling violent crime involving shootings and stabbings is not as a result of reductions in police numbers....

The death of Rashan Charles: Is the vilification of police justified?

The decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute the officer concerned in the death of Rashan Charles predictably provoked a storm of protest from activists and an impassioned exchange of views on social medial. Much of the criticism emanated from Lee Jasper but arguably the most disturbing assertion...