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SWNS Pictures of the Year 2015 - One hundred of the most compelling images on the SWNS wire this year as chosen by our picture editors.

Pictured - Stephan Siegrist (L) and David Fassel (R). See South West copy SWHIGH. A pair of climbers retraced the steps of the brave Brit who first conquered the deadly Matterhorn 150 years ago to pose for a unique 360 degree pic à from the top of the WORLD. The high-altitude ÃbirdÃs eye viewà picture looks down on hardy Stephan Siegrist and David Fassel as they stood on top of the dangerous Swiss mountain à with the entire world in the background. The remarkable image was taken with a Google StreetView-style camera mounted on a Ãselfie stickà à creating the illusion that the pair were stood thousands of miles above the Earth.

Mammut / Ross Parry

SWNS Press Photograph of the Year 2015 – voting now open

Vote for your favourite image for the Press Photograph of the Year award from SWNS The UK's largest independent press agency, SWNS, has opened the voting for their Press Photograph of the Year award 2015. The photos are made up of national news images supplied through SWNS from both staff ...

The London Economic

Animation: The History of Sweets

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent  Historians have created a timeline of the history of sweets in Britain dating back as early as 8000BC. Confectionery historian Tim Richardson created the timeline to show how our love of sweets has developed over the centuries, with Stone Age cave paintings showing our early ancestors raiding bee ...

Top Ten Most Enviable Beach Locations

  Everyone loves a relaxing and sunny beach vacation, but where can you find undiscovered and hidden sandy gems? Beach vacations are a source of relaxation and happiness for many. Taking a leisurely break from working life, filling up the Vitamin D supply and getting a tan describes the ideal ...

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