Simon Bartram

Simon Bartram

Simon Bartram is a freelance writer and qualified accountant, having graduated with a first-class degree in Modern History and Philosophy.

Russia and America – The unending tension

It is 70 years since the Soviet Union stopped British and US military trains from travelling between Berlin and West Germany through Russian-controlled East Germany, first announced on 1 April 1948. After Western protestations, the Russians eventually ceased this prohibition until June 1948 when an entire blockade was put in...

GAME’s Gameplan

  Traders have been dumping their shares in GAME after the video game retailer announced that its annual earnings for 31 July 2017 will be below expectations. Part of the blame has been directed at Nintendo due its limited supply of their Switch console which had been relied upon to...

The Italian Job: BT’s fraudulent financial reporting

When we think of theft we usually think of physical robberies, getaway cars and police-chases, not office-based staff fiddling with spreadsheets. Yet many shareholders in recent years have seen their wealth robbed by executives who have been involved in fraudulent corporate financial and non-financial reporting. Not only have we discovered...