Clair Hart

Clair Hart

Clair is a (real) mum of two toddlers (eleven months apart - yes, it's full-on), a part time employee, and spare-time writer of all things family and lifestyle.

Gold bars.

What is the future of gold?

#IGCommodityChat: what is the future of gold? IG is presenting ‘IG CommodityChat’ – a series of live discussions focused on trends in commodity marketThe first chat looked at what the future might be for the goldmarket (this took place on 22nd November)Presenter Sara Walker was joined by Simon Popple, director of...

Word up — 5 writing jobs that might float your career boat

Does your spine tingle when you read a majestic metaphor in your local paper? Or if you notice a sublime simile in a new novel, does it send you into spasms of deep satisfaction? And do you spend your lunch breaks crafting coruscating limericks about your manager’s lack of social...

5 Fragrance Lines That Won’t Harm Your Health (Or Your Wallet)

When you think of a certain friend, or maybe a relative, does a particular scent come into mind? Does the aroma of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamond perfume bring back memories of your childhood Sunday school teacher? The truth is that a pleasant fragrance has the ability to enhance memorable moments...

Choose your favourite press photograph of the year

Choose your favourite press photograph from the best 100 taken this year. SWNS is the largest independent press agency in the UK, supplying up to 20 per cent of our daily news content. Each year the SWNS news wire supplies newspapers and magazines around the world with some of the...

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