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House transactions in London down 40%

House prices are continuing to rise but sales have slumped by one fifth - with transactions in London down by a staggering 40 per cent, it was announced yesterday. The latest figures from the Land Registry revealed the average house in England and Wales cost £217,928 in November. This represents ...

Putting up a fight in the age of misinformation

Think the UK has a free press? You're sadly mistaken, and what's happening to journalism right now should worry you... Whilst the threat of litigation is silencing real journalists and publications, an even darker threat, fake news, is putting them clean out of business. Politicians, climate change deniers, corporations and even countries ...

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Theresa May: Government not buddled over mexit

Theresa May has claimed that the government’s approach to Brexit “isn’t very muddling at all” in a TV interview today. The claim comes after the government’s former ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, criticised the government’s approach in a strongly worded resignation email last week. May said “Look, we ...

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