DIY Home Decor Tips Through 2023

As the winter months arrive, our attention shifts to the look of our homes. We all know when the holiday decorations come down, the house will seem drab, and we want our homes to look chic, up-to-date, and beautiful in the New Year. Sadly, with the cost of living crisis ever looming nobody wants to break the bank trying to get that perfect finish.

3 stylish house design trends expected to take off in 2023

A renewed post-pandemic focus on renovation hasn’t just been about looks. Recent trends in interior designs feature a renewed emphasis on functionality, as well as creating a specific mood and feel for a property through tactile textures and vintage furnishings. We’ve put together a rundown of the home design ideas that are the most popular right now to inspire you when it comes to upgrading your own property.

Short on Space: How to maximise your flat’s storage capacity

Every year, more and more of us are populating the urban areas of the UK, living in flats and houses with limited space. With property prices continuing to soar, you may have to put off that all-important move up the ladder for another few years yet. Meanwhile, families continue to grow, toy cupboards fill up, and teenage wardrobes burst at the seams ⁠— so what can you do to maximise your limited space?

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