Daniel Khalili-Tari

Daniel Khalili-Tari

Daniel Khalili-Tari is a journalist from north west London. He attended Westminster University where he studied for his BA Honours in Journalism. His writing interests include politics, social issues, culture and economics, with a focus on social equality.

How hip-hop became the face of capitalism

So much for being the voice of the oppressed. The music of the forgotten and the derider of stereotypes and cultural demarcations. The world’s most popular art form has been swallowed by corporate America. Hip-hop, has been hijacked by the world’s elite. Embodying a continuum of struggle and acrimony, the...

Foreign aid in Africa: Help or exploitation?

Research shows more money is leaving Africa than entering -  so is the West giving aid to Africa, or is Africa giving aid to the West?  Is foreign aid an illusion? New accusations have been fielded that the Commonwealth could be nothing more than an ironically named intergovernmental organisation designed to maintain...