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Theresa May’s Call For A Snap Election Hypocrisy-Checked In Full

A vicar's daughter exuding sincerity and humility, understandably, the nation trusts Theresa May above all others to steer us through the chaotic divorce from the EU that she warned against, but now believes in whole-heartedly. And we also trust her fully now she has announced she needs even more of that...

Brexit Brussels: Lloyds Of London Sets Up In Brussels

Brexit Britain is good news. For Brexit Brussels. Lloyds of London looks set to become Lloyds of London and Brussels with one in six staff of one of the world's biggest insurance markets moving to Belgium to secure a post-Brexit foothold in Europe. The announcement will be a major embarrassment for sections...

Campaigners Chain Themselves to Plane To Block Deportation Flight

  Campaigners chained themselves to a jet to stop a mass deportation charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana last night. There were 17 arrests on suspicion of aggravated trespass after the protestors chained themselves to a wing of the plane and each other, forming a human chain blocking the jet on a non-commercial...

Theresa May has played her cruellest trick on refugees yet

Already under fire for having abandoned pledges to bring unaccompanied child refugees to safety in the UK, the UK government this week pulled the rug out from under the feet of tens of thousands of refugees beginning to make new lives for themselves and their families in the UK, leaving...

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