What is Financial Mathematics?

Financial Mathematics is an enticing qualification for employers hiring within a large number of high-value roles. Here's what it means, and what it takes to get qualified in financial mathematics.

DeFi is Changing the Face of Finance

To a degree, the ability of individuals to grow wealth and have a better financial standing depends on their access to certain asset classes and certain investment opportunities. In the past, these opportunities were only available via traditional financial institutions and these institutions prioritized access to these assets for only the wealthy.

The Five Entrepreneurial Rules I live by

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist Mathilde Vuillermoz, 33, founder and CEO of MV Worldwide, has made her fortune by following a strict set of personal and professional rules. In this exclusive article she shares her guiding principles to help tomorrow’s tycoons turn their business dreams into concrete realities. By Mathilde Vuillermoz

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