Wyndham Hacket Pain

Wyndham Hacket Pain

Wyndham is a freelance film critic and former Editor-in-Chief of Pi Magazine. He has previously been involved in film festival curation and independent short films.

Film Review: The Limehouse Golem

The streets of Victorian East London must have been a pretty scary place. Before the trendy bars and artisan coffee shops, it was full of dark alleyways, smoky air, questionable characters, and of course murder. It is the latter that The Limehouse Golem is concerned with. Set in Victorian London,...

American Made: Film Review

On the surface American Made could look like Tom Cruise having a midlife crisis on screen. The flashy action sequences, topless shots showing off hours spent at the gym, and the kind of fast planes that made him famous could all be interpreted as an attempt to recapture the spirit...

Detroit: Film Review

Set in 1967, Detroit opens with a police raid on an unlicensed club where the return of black veterans from Vietnam is being celebrated. Suspects are brought out onto the street and a mob forms around them. As the suspects are arrested the mob starts to through rocks at the...

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