Raymond Woolford

Raymond Woolford

Ray is a high- profile community activist, author, playwright, speaker, multi award-winning social entrepreneur and broadcaster with a substantial social media following.

Ray writes regularly for The Wolfian Press Review, and The London Economic news feed that also distributes Rays work to news media networks globally. He is also a regular commentator on BBC, LBC radio, Russia Today and Talk Radio Europe.

His first book, Deptford, is a radical history of Deptford in South East London and has been an unexpected good seller in Russia.

Food Bank Britain, about Ray establishing the UK’s largest Independent food bank has been a global success, changing the way food banks operate for the better, whilst even winning plaudits from Obama’s Whitehouse. It has also led to Ray contributing to regular popular news and current affairs radio show on Talk Radio Europe.

Liberty is a play and book that tells, for the first time, the true story of just one chapter in the life of Kath Duncan, as a trailer for Ray’s biography of her, The Last Queen of Scotland. It tells of the establishment of the Civil Rights movement in 1930s Britain and has won extensive acclaim and is set to be staged globally as part of LGBT history month in 2019 ;a hugely high-profile event. None of Ray’s works has received anything other than rave reviews.

The Last Queen Of Scotland is Ray’s latest work, having been four years in research, and recounting the biography of the most important Scot and UK Civil Rights activist of the past 100 years, Kath Duncan. This book is already generating huge media interest.

Queer is Ray’s latest book, in the early stage of writing, telling the true story of his own survival through 70s and 80s Britain as a young gay man at a time it was illegal, with Roller-disco, drag, queer activism, clones and Thatcher’s Britain, all against the back drop of Aids that decimated the gay community.

Ray Barron Woolford is on Social media as Ray Woolford

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