Jack Peat

Jack Peat

Jack is a business and economics journalist and the founder of The London Economic (TLE).

He has contributed articles to VICE, Huffington Post and Independent and is a published author.

Jack read History at the University of Wales, Bangor and has a Masters in Journalism from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Is Brexit buyers’ remorse a myth?

Remain is down in Scotland, Leave is up in every English region and is unchanged in London. By all accounts, the notion of Brexit buyers' remorse following a rocky and calamitous start to negotiations could be misguided. That's according to a new poll conducted by Saga which shows Brexit support is up...

Research reveals which traits we inherit from which parent

If you want an active, well mannered and kind child you better make sure they don't spend much time around their father. That's according to new research which shows virtues such as honesty, integrity and tolerance are most likely to come from mothers while laziness, temper, wit and potty mouth.come...

An Ode to Humphrey Smith

Sam Smith pubs are a bit like Marmite – you either can’t live with them or can’t live without them. And so, it would seem, is the owner. I use ‘owner’ loosely because Humphrey Smith is a man who wields incredible power and influence across his inherited Sam Smiths empire....

Watch: The top 10 British comedy scenes, as voted for by comedians

Alan Partridge meeting a super-fan has been voted the best ever British comedy scene by over 100 professional comedians and actors including David Baddiel, Jenny Eclair, Reece Shearsmith and Alexei Sayle. In addition to containing the best comedy scene, I’m Alan Partridge was named the second most popular sitcom among...

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