EJ Stedman

EJ Stedman

EJ is a cultural and political correspondent, contributing to Litro, The F Word and Verbal Remedy. EJ studied at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and is a fully qualified puppeteer (yes, really). She is a keen cyclist even though she keeps falling off, and otherwise enjoys growing pansies, playing the ukulele and mainlining custard creams. EJ is also rather good at mime, which we can all agree is an underrated skill.

Theatre Review: New Nigerians, Arcola Theatre

Greatness Ogholi’s voice rings out, as deep and clear as a Brita filtered volcanic river. It is a voice at once melodious and dramatic, serious, yet light with rogueish charm. I’m already game to join his political party, and all he’s done is the opening monologue. This is New Nigerians,...

Theatre Review: A Clockwork Orange, Park Theatre

Have I read A Clockwork Orange? Have I fuck. I haven’t even seen the film. Which naturally makes me a perfect fit to review Action To The Word’s all-male stage version, which opened at the Park Theatre on February 16th to many a gasp, giggle and gurn from the audience....

Theatre Review: What Shall We Do With the Cello?

Who loves the cello? Everyone. Everyone loves the cello. Everyone loves the cello because the cello is amazing. It’s the violin’s sexy, bigger brother, without all those horrible screechy scratchy noises that make you want to tear off ears with your bare hands and mail them to Peru. Or so...

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