Brexit has brought no benefits, UK manufacturers say

There are no benefits as a result of Brexit, an organisation representing UK manufacturers has said.

According to Make UK, it is currently hard for manufacturers to see any advantages from leaving the EU, and the organisation warns exports  to the bloc could become a permanent problem if the government does not step in.

The organisations admitted its position following a meeting it had with SNP MP Angus MacNeil.

Tweeting yesterday, MacNeil said that “esentially, after their [Make UK] talking to 1000s of member businesses, no one has reported any advantages to Brexit.”

He later added large businesses are “still exporting, with hassles, to the EU, but a lot of small businesses have stopped”.


He said 17 per cent of UK exporters are no longer trading as exporters due to Brexit and that there has been a 50 per cent fall in food and drink exports.

A Make UK spokesperson told The London Economic that even before Britain had its “final departure” from the European Union, “political uncertainty was hitting exports to the bloc”.

The spokesperson added: “Now, while some opportunities are opening up elsewhere, it’s very difficult to date for manufacturers to see any benefit from leaving.

“The EU will remain our biggest trading partner through sheer fact of geography. As such, with major changes coming down the track, especially the imposition of import controls, it’s vital that government works with business and the EU to smooth out critical issues such as customs procedures.

“Otherwise there is a risk that the drop in exports to the bloc we have seen over the last couple of years will become structural and permanent.”


As expected, Twitter users had something to say about these latest Brexit news.

Dr Charles Tannock, former Tory MEP, said: “Quelle surprise. All those Brexiteers including ministers who made such claims were just stating these on a wing and a prayer with no credible researched evidence basis on which to promote such predictions.

“All rather sad and inevitable looking back on what I’ve said for five years.”

One Twitter user said: “So far, pretty much all the advantages of Brexit have been in the EU’s favour, and you know what? I’m fine with this, EU is better off without the UK”.

‘Severe disruption’

Last week, it emerged UK manufacturing including cars and fridges could face severely disrupted supply chains because the government failed to replace the EU’s safety standards system post-Brexit.

The government admitted this was “not the desired outcome”, as it started facing a threat of failling out with businesses if new British compliance rules disrupt UK’s supply chains, with some products, such as airbags, already trapped in backlogs.

Nonetheless, the government insisted it would not extend the deadline for the shift to UK safety rules, arguing the new checks are a matter of sovereignty.

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