Ross Macintyre

Ross Macintyre

Ross Macintyre is a digital freelancer trading under Unleash Digital Ltd, supporting SMEs with digital strategy and website creation to help businesses thrive online.

Ross was previously Head of Digital at a Pan-European agency, leading major accounts including P&Gs Ariel, Gillette, Fairy and Dr.Oetker's Chicago Town and Ristorante brands; playing a pivotal role in the Chicago Town and Jurassic World partnership 2015 marketing activity.

As well as providing digital strategy and web support, Ross is also a public speaker, contributing to TEDx London and facilitating multiple workshops for businesses including topics surrounding the omni-channel environment and digital transformation.

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Why Wearable Technology is Fuelling Data Addiction

By Ross MacIntyre, Head of Digital at DECIDE  In the 1970s, a press handout picture of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was published suggesting that the two may be about to make a breakthrough. Rich Travis of Sunshine Computer Company in Southern California reported that he had sold ten Apples in three...