Marcus Bawdon

Marcus Bawdon

I write regular recipes on, am Editor of UK BBQ Mag and run a BBQ School in rural Devon I also run a 6000+ BBQ Facebook Group called CountryWoodSmoke where people share recipes, techniques and inspire each other to cook better.

How to turn your gas BBQ into a Smoker

Here's how to turn the humble gas BBQ into a wonderful smoker in order to create some mouth-watering smokey flavoured lip-smacking food. Gas BBQ Lots of folk in the UK are cooking outdoors on gas BBQ’s and there’s nothing wrong with this. OK, so a purist will always prefer to...

Getting Dirty with your BBQ – A Dirty Steak Recipe

Head to your butcher and pick up a beautiful dry aged sirloin, and then place it straight onto the coals on your BBQ.... Eh?.... What did you say?? Yes cooking straight on the coals is definitely a wonderful way of cooking, but it takes some nerves to just pop your...

Don’t wait for the summer to have a BBQ

Year Round BBQ BBQ was always a strictly summer thing here in the UK, a nice sunny day, head out to buy some charcoal from a garage, a few sausages and burgers, have a few beers, burn the sausages, all good... But times are changing quickly... many people have been...