Ian Middleton

Ian Middleton

Ian is a writer and ethical entrepreneur. He writes on politics, the environment, ethical consumerism, technology, and animal and human rights.

He's a former research psychologist, musician, trail runner, hiker, vegan, humanist, beer lover and committed atheist. He has appeared on BBC TV and local and national radio and was The Green Party Parliamentary candidate for North Oxfordshire in 2015 and 2017.

Maybe it’s time the anti-vegan critics just got over themselves

William Sitwell’s resignation from the Waitrose in-house magazine last week, after making some seriously ill-advised comments about veganism, generated the usual explosion of opprobrium from those who also see vegans as the devil incarnate. Writer Selene Nelson’s Twitter feed was jumping with trolls queuing up to castigate her for robbing...

People’s Vote should be top of Labour’s agenda

After 4 days of a party conference where Brexit agenda issues were conspicuous by their absence we finally got some clarity on Labour’s position on Brexit. They want a general election at any cost. A huge surge of support for a national referendum on the final Brexit deal has been...

Campaigners Don’t Trust The National Trust on Hunting

 There’s an old adage that trust has to be earned. Ironically for the National Trust that’s something that seems to be in short supply among anti-hunt campaigners. After a highly controversial vote at last year’s AGM, which may face a legal challenge over what many regard as an inappropriate use...

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