Hubert O'Hearn emigrated from Canada to the land of his ancestors Ireland and later to the UK at the end of 2012. He is the author of six books on everything from Human Rights to the care and psychology of Border Collies. He can be followed on Twitter @BTBReviews

Latest government budget is bad news for FE & the country’s future

Belfast Book Festival Report: Running with the Wolfpack

As I may have mentioned one or two hundred times before, Belfast and particularly its thriving arts scene is the best-kept secret in the UK. What I find remarkable about that statement, which I find as easy to state as the current weather conditions, is how often I have to...

Major Global Projects and Mission that Might Positively Change the Climate in 2019

The Green New Deal: The world may just save itself again

I am not going to assume that you have already seen the confrontation two weeks ago between Senator Dianne Feinstein and a group of schoolchildren over the (no pun intended, at least not by me) green paper proposals collectively titled the Green New Deal. As we live in a time...

The Moment of Kirsten Gillibrand

The Moment of Kirsten Gillibrand

The only moments in life that count for something are the exceptions. Mondays are Mondays just as Tuesdays blend into every other Tuesday except for the Wednesday that wasn’t a Wednesday because it was the day when, like the title of Joe Heller’s oft-neglected yet brilliant novel, Something Happened. For...

Book review: Ladder Climbing in High Heels

This may well come as a shock to your beliefs so reach out and hold close something you love dearly, but serve it straight and in a shot glass for the truth will brittle your bones into icicles. As my father said, in the only letter that one professional writer...

Photographer captures incredible shots of the world’s most luxurious high-rise apartments.

Dr Naomi Wolf: What is happening with the clouds?

Even Abraham Maslow missed the most important human point. When that renowned American psychologist, studied by virtually every social sciences student ever since he published his 1943 paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’, listed his pyramid of human needs he stated that at its base the edifice was founded upon...

The London Economic

Book Review: Just the Funny Parts

A pithy observation to start: Everything you have ever found funny involved pain. Everything, no exceptions, from the cradle to the wise-cracking hospice nurse, involved pain. An infant in its cradle giggles at the huge face looming over it because the baby’s eyes are still learning to focus and after...

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