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Who would be in your England Euro 2016 squad?

Sport News 24/7 By David de Winter - Sports Editor @davidjdewinter  @TLE_Sport The weeks leading up to a major championship are always the source of endless debate.  Who to pick?  Do you go with the experienced but out of form forward (Wayne Rooney)?  Do you take chance on a young ...

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Spurs & Leicester Rewarded for Investing in English

Sport News 24/7 By Jack Peat - Editor @TLE_Sport  @jacknpeat In mid-August of last year, before a single ball had been kicked in the 2015/16 Premier League season, a worrying trend unfolded as the starting line-ups were announced for the opening weekend’s fixtures.  Only 73 English players were among the ...

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England in South Africa 2015/16: Ecstasy, Agony and Farce

Sport News 24/7 By Rob Mchugh  @mchughr  @TLE_Sport There are few teams in world cricket that go through the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows which England have experienced in the recent past, and this year’s tour to South Africa was no different.  A series which began with a morale ...

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