Extinction Rebellion’s ‘most disruptive protest yet’ set to hit London

A Spring of discontent is already upon us. Not only are Just Stop Oil protesters making their voices heard, but climate activists Extinction Rebellion are also planning some major demonstrations throughout the month of April – and London is in the firing line.

Extinction Rebellion set for major protest in London: When, where, and why?

The divisive group are known for their extreme measures to raise awareness about climate change, and over the past few years, they’ve caused a serious amount of disruption when getting their point across.

However, the message coming from Extinction Rebellion this Sunday tells us that we haven’t seen anything yet. The group are promising to ‘grind London to a halt’ next weekend, by mobilising XR branches from all across the country…

  • The next wave of protests will begin at 10:00 on Saturday 9 April.
  • Hyde Park has been chosen as Extinction Rebellion’s official meeting point – but ‘city-wide disruption’ is expected.
  • Members of XR have been told to book-off work until Sunday 17 April, suggesting this next demo is set for the long-haul
  • More civil resistance is planned ‘for at least the first three weekends after Sunday 17 April’, too.
  • The official Facebook page for the event shows that 6 000 people have already expressed an interest in attending.

XR activists promise ‘maximum disruption’ from next weekend

The scale of this upcoming protest is likely to be larger than anything we’ve seen from these activists in the past. But with the climate emergency worsening at an alarming pace, those championing the cause feel like they need to kick things up a notch.

  • The end goal for Extinction Rebellion is to put an end to all fossil fuel investments:

“In April, we call on everyone to take action and demand an end to the fossil economy, for the UK government to immediately stop the harm that is happening right now and end fossil fuel investments.” 

“We will facilitate a mass flood of people to grind the capital to a halt, causing maximum material disruption and making meeting the immediate demand politically unavoidable. Our disruption will not stop until the fossil fuel economy comes to an end.”

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