Moot But Pointed is a weekly politics and current affairs podcast run in association with The London Economic.

Each week we get together to chat about about what’s been happening in our mad, mismanaged world, looking at what the mainstream papers conveniently fail to mention and how we might address the status quo.

Podcast: The Outcome of the Paris Climate Summit

Callum Towler, Stephen Adams and Owen Black chat about the the outcome of the Paris climate summit, exploring the inability for a lot of people to care about something so seemingly far into the future, how we consume and whether the prevailing political model can ever achieve sustainability.

Podcast: The Rise Of The Far Right

Callum Towler, Stephen Adams and Owen Black chat about the worrying rise of far-right politics following the Paris attacks. Should Donald Trump be banned from the UK? Do ISIS thank their lucky stars for characters like Farage and Le Pen? Is western liberalism dying in the face of terror? And...