Oliver Martin

Oliver Martin

Oliver Martin is a professional Life Consultant to private and professional clients specialising on:

Work/Life Integration | Conflict Resolution | Decision Making | Health & Fitness.

Oliver uses his 15 years experience in law enforcement, compliance and regulation to coach, mentor and advise clients in life and work. He is to the point and focused, yet a great listener, empathetic and approachable. He is very much 'Solutions not Problems'.

The love has gone – Get over it!

The love has gone – Get over it!

Now a lot of my peers are passing through divorce, as well as clients similar in age to me. It would appear several are hitting that part of the ‘life-cycle’ where people are reconsidering their life, for whatever reason. Here's how to get through it.

What makes chefs despise waiters?

Conflict? Solutions not problems

How would your life look if you could resolve conflict on behalf of others and for yourself? My favourite phrase is ‘solutions not problems’ and to resolve conflict this should be at the forefront of our minds and decision making.

you are going to die

You are going to die | Stop wasting time

You are going to die, as is everyone you know. So, it's time to stop wasting... time. Life Consultant Oliver Martin discusses how to take action to sop wasting precious time... Wow, this week has been all about TIME. So many people talking about their busy lives and manic schedules and...