Jasmine Stephens

Jasmine Stephens

Jasmine is TLE's family editor. A writer, and mum of three young children, Jasmine has a degree in French and Italian from the University of Leeds and spent over ten years working in language services.

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Family First Aid – What You Need to Know

By Tracey Taylor, British Red Cross First Aid Spokesman Being a parent means you never quite know what’s around the corner. Children are naturally inquisitive which means lots of exploring and discovering is normal. Of course with that comes the inevitable little bumps, bangs, trips and tumbles. While most of...

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Save a Life, Learn to Swim – Competition

By Jasmine Stephens, family editor Learning to swim is one of those critical childhood rights of passage. Like riding a bike and learning to read it opens up a whole new world of memorable experiences from holiday pools to super-fast flumes to ice-cold lakes. Not only that, swimming is a...

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The Pitfalls of Multi-Generational Living

By Mike Wragg Take one house, bought 15 years ago by David and Claire when their girls were just off to senior school and Claire’s parents lived nearby to help with childcare. Fast forward to now, with university done and dusted, elder daughter Sophie lives and works in Europe, but...

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Top Ten Ideas for Frugal Family Fun this Summer

By Jasmine Stephens, family editor When I was a child, our school summer holidays revolved around one thing: the Calendar.  This wasn't your ordinary everyday variety, but something we made out of a huge piece of lining paper left over from the time my dad attempted to decorate the hall...

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Titanic Spa – Luxury in Linthwaite

By Jasmine Stephens, family editor It is a truth universally acknowledged that a grown adult in possession of small children, must be in want of a spa day. Universally, it transpired, with the exception of my husband, who only as we drove through the stunning Yorkshire Pennines, announced that he...

How to Eliminate Fussy Eating with the ‘three Rs’

By Jasmine Stephens, family editor We've all been there; your baby is 12 months old, you made carefully considered decisions about baby-led weaning versus purées versus 'a bit of both and let's see how we go'. Whatever you chose, after a couple of small blips, it went swimmingly and your...

Weddings rings and large bills of money

Why you might need a Pre-Nup

Those with considerable personal wealth, whether it has accumulated over time due to business interests, is linked to family assets, or has been gifted to them as an inheritance, should not feel uncomfortable about taking the necessary steps to protect it before entering into a marriage. Pre-nuptial agreements can certainly...

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BoxKart by Kiddimoto – Review

By Jasmine Stephens, family editor As TLE’s family editor, I get sent information about all kinds of child related products, toys and events, but it’s rare that I see something that I think will be a sure fire success. I’m always on the look-out for products that encourage parents and...

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