Charles Hibbert

Charles Hibbert

Charles Hibbert is currently studying History at the University of Southampton entering his final year. He has previously worked at news service SWNS and Bond Radar, along with PR firm 72Point. He is a Sports blogger and writer, covering a number of Sporting issues.

Simone Dyche with William Coulter in happier times.  These horrific pictures show the extent of the injuries domestic violence victim Simone Dyche suffered at the hands of her former boyfriend.  See NTi story NTIABUSE.  The brave mum-of-two has told how she “thought she was going to die” when William Coulter held her already beaten face under water telling her “you are not getting out of here alive”.  The 24-year-old, of Chaddesden, said despite what he did to her she kept going back to abusive Coulter “because I loved him so much”.  Now, after he was jailed for more than two years for four assaults on her, she said she wants to tell her moving story to offer hope to other victims who may be going through a similar experience to her.

Domestic abuse victim speaks out over violent ex-boyfriend

A domestic abuse victim has bravely spoken about the violence she suffered at the hands of her evil ex-boyfriend and released shocking pictures showing the extent of her injuries. Simone Dyche, 24, was repeatedly punched in the face by vile William Coulter, 30, before he almost drowned her by holding...

Vandal caught wrecking war memorial trees on CCTV

Police are hunting a mindless vandal who was captured on CCTV bizarrely snapping a row of trees planted at a posh school to honour their war dead. The yob was caught violently shaking the cherry trees until they broke at one of Britain's oldest boarding schools on Friday night ....

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