Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Ben is a freelance writer and journalist who is a regular contributor on multiple national news websites and blogs.

London households spendings increases

Finding out how to spend less money is one of the most difficult aspects of everyday expenses; however, managing and controlling your costs is one of the most effective methods to reduce spending. So what is cost control?

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Planning Revealed by Olympic Skier

The Winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott, one of Britain’s most famous Alpine skiers, is set to present international television coverage the forthcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. As a presenter of the Britain’s Ski Sunday program, she hopes that she will be on the scene of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in...

See how one company improved their brand loyalty

In any business environment, brand loyalty plays a very important role. It does not only affect your purchasing decisions but also influences the decisions of a wider social circle you interact with. We take a closer look at how one company is achieving this.

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