We spend 48 days having sex, so 49 people have died

By John Locke, Northern Correspondent.

According to Wikifacts the average human spends 48 days of their life having sex.

This is of course an average and may be less or may be more dependent on sexual activity and length of life.

Think how much more a person does in their life other than have sexual relations.

They work, they sleep, they eat, they laugh, they help each other, they write, they create music or art, they nurse others, they care for others, they live and love others.

What religion or belief or idiocy judges someone for 48 days personal private choice or activity in their life?

A human being of any sexual orientation is much more than just about sex. 48 days out of a life of maybe 90 years can’t define you, it is what you do in the rest of the time on the earth that anyone should care about.

The inhuman monster who killed 49 and injured many more is not going to the heaven of his choosing…he is going to whatever hell awaits him.

As should all intolerant hate filled individuals from all religions and belief systems who judge and despise due to sexuality.

You are the sinners, you are the fools and YOU are the problem.

Spreading hate against homosexuals via religious teachings shows you are not in touch with your God – you are touched by evil alone.

May love, light and the blessings of the Universe fill the hearts of the families of the dead and injured in Orlando, and all who have died in fake wars and the dispersed and lost escaping war and misery our supposed leaders caused.

This World is still a beautiful, wonderful place, always remember that. It is only us that can keep it this way, don’t give in to hate.

You will be lucky to spend 48 days of the rest of your life enjoying physical relations with someone, unfortunately for those 49 souls they simply don’t have any days left.


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