Things You Should Know Before Biting Into Your Next Pizza

Who doesn’t like to have a cheese laden pizza with those delicious toppings over it? Well, we all do, right? And why not when we’ve a place called Pizza Hut which offers some of the delicious and exotic ones all the time! Moreover, though almost each and every variety of pizza taste nothing but just mouthwatering still all these are not made equally. Some of the pizzas are nutritional and some are absolutely nutritional nightmares! That’s why if you know about the difference between a healthy and unhealthy one it will certainly help you to eat this delicious food very frequently.

In that context, I am here with some of the basic and unique things that you need to know about a pizza so that you’ll be able to judge in a better way how much pizza you should eat and what types are good for health.

Is there Gluten in a pizza?

Gluten is actually a protein which is mainly found in wheat, rye etc. and as the pizza crusts are mainly made up of that you can find enough of this protein in a pizza. But, as this protein can cause some of the hazardous effects to your body even along with the benefits like providing your body with the required vitamins, minerals, fibers etc. you can even skip a gluten containing pizza. Especially, if you’re someone who is suffering from any celiac disease then gluten can really deteriorate your health. In that case, you can choose a pizza which has it’s crust made up of rice, soya, potato or bean flour etc. instead of the gluten.

Is there any vitamin-K ?

Vitamin K which is very necessary for blood clot and bone health is not present in a huge amount in a slice of pizza. If you want to enhance the content of this magical vitamin in your pizza then you opt for a pizza with fresh veggies like broccoli and spinach. Moreover, eating a fresh pizza instead of a frozen one will let you consume this vitamin more.

Is pizza a really fatty food?

The amount of fat that a pizza contains is directly proportional to what type of topping it contains. Moreover, the type of fat that a pizza contains is the saturated one which can lead you suffer from various health problems. If you’re opting for a cheese pizza then a slice will contain 17.9 grams of fat of which 6.2 grams will be saturated one. And if it’s a vegetable or meat pizza that you decided to have then remember that one slice will contain 20.6 grams of fat of which 7.3 grams will be saturated.

What is the sugar content in a pizza?

Pizza isn’t sweet in taste that doesn’t mean that it is not having sugar, it actually does have! And you should know that women are not supposed to have more than 24 grams of sugar per day while men should eat 36 grams. So, keep an eye on how much you’re eating! Well, a slice of cheese pizza contains 5 grams of sugar while a meat and vegetable one contains 7 grams.

Does a pizza have good nutritional value?

It totally depends upon what you put in a pizza. The tomato sauce contains vitamin C and vitamin A which will add these vitamins in your slice. Moreover, cheese pizzas contain lower amount of saturated fat when compared to the ones with sausages. Also these pizzas contain high content of calcium which provide you with enough amount of calcium for teeth and bones. Moreover, the vegetable pizzas are far better because these contain more vitamins and fibers when compared to the cheese and meat varieties.

So, before you decide to buy your next pizza consider the aforementioned facts and choose the one that you think will provide you with some best nutrients and will not hamper your health. Also, don’t forget that you can save some of your precious bucks while treating your taste buds with one as you can browse through the sites like Dealslands to grab a lucrative money-off voucher from any pizza restaurant in the UK.

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